Everything happens for a reason, so they keep saying. But it can be hard in such uncertain times to accept this new reality, particularly when it comes to our own plans and personal freedom. The restrictions that have been put on us all, from one day to the next really, have shook us all up in a way we’ve never known. And as we move forward into this New Normal we keep hearing about, it’s hard to know what to do for the best.

When it comes to weddings and work, from my own professional point of view, it’s been a real low point these last few weeks to get the weekly calls and emails from my couples letting me know of their wedding postponements. I feel so bad for them all, after so much planning and anticipation, to have that nipped in the bud so close to the time of their Big Day- just heartbreaking. My summer of ceremony love has well and truly bitten the dust and I’ve waved goodbye to my Autumn weddings now as well. With all this free time, I think I’ll go on holiday somewhere nice…oh, wait….

Anyway, what can we do but keep on trucking, safe in the knowledge that there’s not a lot else we can do… every thing is going to be ok, say it after me, lovers.

For those who’ve had to postpone their day, I suggest marking the occasion is some way anyway, maybe do something a bit more intimate for just the two of you, a bit like my girls Eden and Rachel did recently in their own home, a little mini celebration of their love, bit of food, some nice music, veils and all. Check out their pics on my fb page for some inspiration!

And whilst the world decides where it’s at, Civil Celebrations HQ remains open for any and all new queries and bookings. It’s fair to say next year’s diary is starting to fill up rather nicely with all these rearranged big days and new save-the-dates going in- there is a light at the end of the rainbow tunnel, bring on the 2021 Civil Celebrations LoveFest, see some of you lovers there!

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